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Scorpion Pest Control Spray All Natural Cedar Oil Indoor Formula, Dr. Ben's, 16 oz.

Scorpion Pest Control Spray All Natural Cedar Oil Indoor Formula, Dr. Ben's, 16 oz.
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    • Dr. Ben's Scorpion Control Formula

      This all natural cedar oil based scorpion control solution neutralizes and repels scorpions and other pests of the arthropod family of insects. Spray to eliminate adult or juvenile scorpion activity and to dehydrate their unborn eggs and larvae on contact. The solution is primarily designed to protect interiors of homes, offices, garages, sheds and other buildings. It can also be used to spray directly on any spot sightings of scorpions observed indoors or outdoors.

      The cedar oil formula creates a bio-influenced environment that is hostile and very hazardous to these pests. When direct contact of the cedar mist is achieved, scorpions will experience serious disruption to critical life functions. Additional qualities inherent to cedar oil and this formula include that the mist will quickly promote dehydration of unborn insect eggs and larvae. This exclusive dehydrating effect will essentially shut down the pests life cycle. Residual repellent qualities of cedar oil will help maintain that scorpions will choose not to take up residence anywhere near indoor treated areas when applied on a regular basis.

      No measuring or mixing since this formula comes ready-to-use. Dr. Ben's is well suited to apply on virtually any surface. Spray on and under all types of wood, cloth or leather furnishings. Suitable for application to any style flooring material including carpet. Spray on mattresses, box springs, closeted or other stored clothing, in cabinets, under sinks, in cupboards, drawers and on counter tops. It is even safe when applied to your own skin. The formula contains cedar oil as the active ingredient yet it does not leave an oily residue behind. Dr. Ben's formula will not stain or attract dirt.

      For continuous control of scorpions or other unwanted arthropods observed outdoors, consult the related products tab on this page to view Nature's Defender cedar oil pest control products designed for outdoor use.

      Dr. Ben's Scorpion Control Formula Product Notifications:

      Ready-to-Use Formula - do not dilute.
      Do Not apply mist near any open flame. Extinguish all pilot lights near treatment areas.
      Not intended for internal consumption or for use with plant life. Keep out of reach of children.
      Safe to apply on human skin unless you are sensitive to wood oil allergies. Always avoid direct contact with eyes.
      If facial application is desired, spray into palms of hands then apply to areas of face as desired while avoiding eyes.

      Do Not Use on or spray around pet reptiles, pet rabbits, pet mice, pet rats, pet ferrets, pet guinea pigs, or exotic pet birds.

      Minimum risk pesticide. EPA registration exempt product under FIFRA section 25(b).

      Active Ingredient: CEDAR OIL - 10%, 40 CFR 152.25 CAS # 68990-83-0
      Inert Ingredient: HYDRATED SILICA - 90%, 4 A 40 CFR 180.950 CAS # 7699-41-4

      This ready-to-use solution will neutralize scorpions on contact and repel them from any localized areas experiencing habitation of these menacing insects. Scorpions that come into direct contact with the solution or a concentration of sprayed mist will quickly be impaired. Scorpions in the area that escape direct contact during any treatment will go away and stay away rather than risk the effects this chemical free solution will have on thier systems. Cedar oil creates a bio-influenced environment wherever it is applied that helps promote and speed dehydration of eggs and larvae. By interrupting the scorpion's reproductive cycle in this way, the next generation of these creatures is eliminated before they can even hatch. The solution will not stain or attract dirt to surfaces where applied. A regular application schedule or by re-applying as needed will insure a scorpion free environment. Not intended for use on plant life or for internal consumption. EPA exempt product, FIFRA 25 B. Made with FDA approved grade ingredients. Does not enter the human blood stream if in contact with your skin.
    • Directions for Use - Dr. Ben's Scorpion Control Formula:

      How to treat with cedar oil for scorpion control:

      Hold bottle upright and aim spray nozzle toward intended treatment areas. Whenever possible, be sure the mist comes into direct contact with scorpions or other insects. Direct spraying of insect activity with this solution is the most effective method to eliminate unwanted pests quickly. Surfaces treated with cedar oil will repel unseen adult and juvenile scorpions from the area and will quickly promote dehydration of unborn eggs and larvae. Periodic applications will insure the life cycle is disrupted and will keep the area free of scorpions and other insects.

      Spray evenly along walls, baseboards, behind appliances, on/under furniture, inside cabinets and drawers, in cupboards, under sinks, on counter tops, around doorway jams and window sills. When treating entire rooms or structures be sure to refer to indoor treatment protocols for applying Dr. Ben's cedar oil insect control formulas.

      For ongoing outdoor elimination of scorpions and other insects, be sure to check the related products tab on this page. You will find Nature's Defender brand cedar oil recommendations that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

      Shake well before use. Hold bottle upright. Point sprayer directly at any visible scorpions or other insects and spray directly at them if possible. Next, spray along any and all surfaces you wish to remain scorpion free. Holding the sprayer about 16 to 18 inches from intended treatment surfaces, be sure to apply an even coat of solution to create a bio-based barrier that will repel scorpion re-entry. The formula will promote an environment that will speed the dehydration process to scorpion eggs and larvae. Thus the next generation is eliminated before they are even hatched. Spray along walls and baseboards, behind appliances, on and around furniture, inside cabinets, around doorways and windows. Use in bathrooms, garage, kitchen or anywhere these insects are seen or may be hiding or nesting. Apply on a regular maintenance schedule as needed to keep pests away. Not intended for use on plant life. Not intended for internal consumption. Safe for incidental contact with skin.

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